Recent Publications

(2018). Perceived Mitigation Threat Mediates Effects of Right-Wing Ideology on Climate Change Beliefs. preprint.

Preprint Project

(2018). Systematic review of meditation-based interventions for children with ADHD. In ECAP.

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(2017). The Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire-Brief lacks measurement invariance across three countries. In Psychiatry research..

(2017). Regression tree analysis of ecological momentary assessment data. In Health Psychology Review..

Preprint Code Project

(2017). Regression tree analysis of ecological momentary assessment data. In Journal of Psychopharmacology..

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(2016). The use of the SDQ with Chinese adolescents in the clinical context. In Psychiatry research..


Ecological Sampling Methodologies

While many questions within psychological research involve the variation in behaviour within individuals between contexts, many traditional designs are insensitive to these phenomena. This stream of research examines behaviours in ecological contexts through the use of high frequency repeated measures designs.

Need for Cogniton

This research project (PhD) sought to understand the nature of individual differences in Need for Cognition. In pursuit of this aim, this project had a psychometric emphasis, involving factor analysis, scale validation, and Ecological Momentary Assessment.

Susceptibility to Misinformation

While misinformation affects society broadly, its impacts are not homogenously distributed, with some individuals being more susceptible to its effects. This program of research aims to identify the factors that make an individual susceptible or resistant to misinformation.


I am a teaching instructor for the following courses at Deakin University:

  • HPS111 - Psych A: Fundamentals of Human Behaviour
  • HPS301/781 - Research Methods of Psychology B
  • HPS307/791 - Personality
  • HPS327 - Research Methods Capstone
  • HPS911 - Advanced Research Methods

I also run a series of workshops in Open and Advanced Research Methods:

  • Foundations of Data Analysis in R
  • Conducting meta-analysis in R: A practical introduction (with Dr Emily Kothe)


  • Room 4.117, Building BC, Deakin University, 221 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria, Australia