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Trigger Warnings: Mass transit, Air catastrophes, Open science I’ve been thinking about methodological reform in the sciences (in …



Ecological Sampling Methodologies

While many questions within psychological research involve the variation in behaviour within individuals between contexts, many traditional designs are insensitive to these phenomena. This stream of research examines behaviours in ecological contexts through the use of high frequency repeated measures designs.

Need for Cogniton

This research project (PhD) sought to understand the nature of individual differences in Need for Cognition. In pursuit of this aim, this project had a psychometric emphasis, involving factor analysis, scale validation, and Ecological Momentary Assessment.

Open Research Practices

My interest in misinformation takes me to a source of information, research, and how the practices we employ within research can make it more or less informative.

Susceptibility to Misinformation

While misinformation affects society broadly, its impacts are not homogenously distributed, with some individuals being more susceptible to its effects. This program of research aims to identify the factors that make an individual susceptible or resistant to misinformation.

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A blistering 1-hour talk with practical demonstrations on how to make your research more open.

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Background The current study explores the effect of body dissatisfaction (both stable, trait-level and specific, state-based instances …

RATIONALE: Seasonal influenza vaccination rates are below the recommended targets, contributing to significant preventable harms. …

Meditation-based interventions such as mindfulness and yoga are commonly practiced in the general community to improve mental and …

Ad hoc measurement of Climate change denial limits interpretability and integration of research. This study aims to create a …


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